Air travel has come a long way in India. It is no longer considered as a luxury or a preferred mode of the rich. The advantages are many and include: comfort and shorter travel time. As air travel becomes common, old and unused airports are receiving due attention with new airport construction taking off on a larger scale. A few examples of this trend are the renewing of airports in Belgaum that takes care of air travel in North Karnataka and South Maharashtra, and the modernisation of Goa airport.

Investing in airport construction is not all about improving mobility for people; it is more about providing an impetus to business and industry, more particularly to the tourism industry. Though the Indian air-travel industry is highly developed, there is yet a vast area that still does provide access to air travel. Building new airports in remote corners of the country is a priority of the Indian government.

Airport Construction Challenges

Airport construction once used to be the exclusive domain of the Indian government, but this has changed dramatically with the government deregulating and liberalising the airport construction process in which private parties participate extensively. Yet another policy change that is likely to give the fresh push to the airport construction industry is the introduction of private airports for parking corporate-owned jets.

Constructing airports and maintaining them can be a challenging work both for the airport management and the construction companies. The biggest challenge is the designing process that requires a good layout and use of technologies that make passenger clearance a streamlined process. In addition to this is the airport security issue. When speaking about airport security, we are not just facing the terrorism issue; there is more to it – safe baggage handling, pre-boarding and post boarding, and proper aircraft movement are the other issues that need to be addressed adequately.

Considerations in Constructing Airports

Airport structures are expected to go through extended lifecycle phase and therefore must cheap to maintain and add to this they must be also aesthetically appealing. Though the terminal is the principal area that should receive maximum attention, it is also imperative to consider other supporting facilities. Here a few things to keep in mind when constructing an airport.

  1. Provide adequate space for passenger movement within the terminal for ticketing, restaurant and rest rooms.
  2. Provide automated steel multi-level car parking space to facilitate easier movement for passengers and handling of air cargo.
  3. Provide structures for meeting emergency handling space to evacuate passengers during a fire or natural calamity.
  4. Use materials that are less prone to damage from fire and salty moisture.
  5. Provide a futuristic baggage handling system in international airports for easy clearance from customs.

Steel Structures in Airport Construction Project Management

Airport construction once used to be a long drawn out process, but thanks to the steel building manufacturers, airport construction nowadays is accomplished in lesser time than before. The advantage of using steel building structures in the design of airport terminals is that they shorten the construction time resulting in the lower project and interest costs during the construction phase.

The various parts of an airport terminal that can use steel structures include: aircraft hangers, multi-level car parking lots, baggage handling facilities and of course the main passenger movement areas. Airports have vastly reduced the areas that require the use of a concrete structure that take a long time to build.

Overall steel building manufacturers are able to accomplish project implementation in lesser time because most of the substructures are manufactured at their factories and then transported to the airport. It is just a matter of , couple months before airports become fully operational.

Pre Engineering Building Company in India

Apeiron is expertise of pre engineering building company in India is renowned throughout the world and Indian companies enjoy the privilege of a good reputation worldwide.

Indian steel building manufacturers are today able to offer a wide range of ready-to-erect airport structures in pre-engineered form factor. All that a typical airport management has to do these days is take a look at a few functional airports with steel structures and order the requirements.