Welcome to Apeiron Steel Buildings Pvt. Ltd.

Establishment in 1992, our group specializes in Design, Manufacture & Installation of PRE FABRICATED STRUCTURES including PRE ENGINEERED BUILDINGS (PEBs). Promoted and managed by TECHNOCRAT ENTREPRENEURS, WE ARE THE PRE-FAB PROFESSIONALS.

Why are we different from others ?

Managed by TECHNOCRATS with 25 years of experience in the field and having successfully completed more than 300 projects with a wide range of different end-use; we bring invaluable knowledge base to your project, – WE CAN ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROJECT DESIGN.

We Are The Pre-fab Professionals

Our company is promoted and managed by Technocrat Enterprenuers who run the organization with greater emphasis on technical aspects, ensuring in-depth understanding of customers requirements from the project so as to provide a tailor made, optimum Pre-Fab structure.

We have handled a large variety of Structural Engineering Fabrication works especially in Pre-Fabricated Structures (PEBs are just one of the more popular Pre Fab Structures). With this background we now specialize in complex projects (i.e. PEBs with multiple mezzanines, multiple roof/floor levels, cranes, canopies etc) a fact reflected in our completed projects portfolio.

We Are a Customer Centeric Organization

Our organization structure and working procedures are woven keeping at center, the Customer requirements in this field. We understand that, when we sell a Pre Engineered Building (be it for an industrial unit, a Foundry, a Machine Shop, a Press Shop, a Warehouse, an Airport Terminal, a cold storage, a sports complex, an office /residential /college building, or for any other end application), we are actually selling a complete usable package or system, which is not the same as selling a readymade product (say like a car). Functional requirement of each of these types of structures is different depending on their end-use, geographical locations, individual customercial taste /budget etc. In other words PEBs are tailor made products and one design does not fit all.

What Clients Say