[ninzio_title_heading descript=”Company Profile” style=”style1″ title=”About Us”][ninzio_call_action buttons1=”btn-theme” style=”styledefault”]We take pride in introducing ourselves as a specialized company in Design, Manufacture & Installation of Pre Fabricated Structures including Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs).


Our company is promoted and managed by Technocrat Enterprenuers who run the organization with greater emphasis on technical aspects, ensuring in-depth understanding of customers requirements from the project so as to provide a tailor made, optimum Pre-Fab structure.

We have handled a large variety of Structural Engineering Fabrication works especially in Pre-Fabricated Structures (PEBs are just one of the more popular Pre Fab Structures). With this background we now specialize in complex projects (i.e. PEBs with multiple mezzanines, multiple roof/floor levels, cranes, canopies etc)  a fact reflected in our completed projects portfolio.

Apart from PEBs we also Design & Manufacture many other Pre-Fab Structures like Canopies for Petroleum Retail Outlets, Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks, Pre-Fabricated Houses /Offices, Steel Bridges, Watch Towers, Airport /Railway Terminals, Highway Toll Plazas, Irrigation Barrage Gates / Systems, etc.

Our team has in-depth understanding of different National / International Design & Manufacturing Standards /Codes, latest Manufacturing  Fabrication processes, and their applicability translating into technically sound and economically optimum projects for the customer.

Employment of latest Fabrication technologies by highly dedicated, experienced and well qualified & certified workforce.


Our organization structure and working procedures are woven keeping at center, the Customer requirements in this field. We understand that, when we sell a Pre Engineered Building (be it for an industrial unit, a Foundry, a Machine Shop, a Press Shop, a Warehouse, an Airport Terminal, a cold storage, a sports complex, an office /residential /college building, or for any other end application), we are actually selling a complete usable package or system, which is not the same as selling a readymade product (say like a car). Functional requirement of each of these types of structures is different depending on their end-use, geographical locations, individual customercial taste /budget etc. In other words PEBs are tailor made products and one design does not fit all.

We believe in understanding customercials requirement in depth, share our expertise in the field with the customer and thereby come-up with an optimum design for him. Hence our interactions with prospective customers are monitored by the topmost executives of the company and we ensure that all our field marketing executives are Technically Qualified, well experienced & are well trained to meet this challenge.

Many a times the project specifications change/evolve along with the progress of work, which most PEB manufacturers do not accommodate once the designs are finalized and the customer has to run from dept to dept (marketing to design to commercial etc) of the PEB company to get these changes incorporated. At Apeiron Steel Buildings, we ensure that, the customer can interact through a single executive (Project Engineer /Project Coordinator) throughout the project life cycle i.e. from order finalization till commissioning, for all his requirements.[/ninzio_call_action]