PEB & Its Application


PEB are steel buildings which are uniquely designed and fabricated to end – user’s requirements in accordance with the universal standards. These buildings consist of different components which are designed in such a way that they are compatible with each other. The fabrication of these components are carried out in the factory under strict quality control as per detailed shop drawing. These components are transported to end – user’s site with proper markings and assembled at site as per erection drawings.

PEBs provide one stop solution for all building requirements of various customers primarily for Commercial, Industrial, Residential or Institutional requirements. They provide speed in delivery and erection, flexibility in expansion and withstand severest weather conditions. These buildings are available in large multidimensional spans; lean to roof at all required heights and side claddings. They feature a structural steel framework of primary and secondary members (rigid frame, beams, purlins and girt, trusses and columns) on to which cladding and roofing components are attached.